Keeping girls on the trails to success

Our Mission:


empowering change through animals, nature and a loving community.


Our Mission

Wild Women Prevail is a non-profit where girls experience healing and transformational life change with animals and a loving community. We believe that anyone who is lost can be placed on the trails to success again and that animals can reach the heart of a girl in a way that others in their lives often cannot.

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Our Impact

We are a small non profit that started in 2017 and have made a huge impact in a short amount of time. We offer affordable enrichment to the surrounding neighborhoods that focus on teaching young girls respect, responsibility, kindness and confidence through animals. We have a small space where we teach our girls to care for our sanctuary animals and tend to a garden. We have big plans for the future and cannot wait to see how much we grow. We would like to double our numbers in the next year and will continue to offer these services to our youth at a low cost or provide scholarships to those that cannot afford the classes. We need your help to continue to help grow the youth in our neighborhoods.



Thousand service hours

We provide services free of charge to our most in need community. Leaving no child without an opportunity to experience the joy of being on a farm.



rescued animals

We are unique in that we are an animal sanctuary as well as a facility to empower girls in Ventura County.



children Impacted

We just completed our first year and we have made huge strides towards helping the youth in our community.


Our Programs

We provide holistic workshops throughout Ventura County in partnerships with local businesses and the National Parks! We do not want anything to stand in the way of empowering our young women. We use the healing power or our therapy animals, educated staff and nature to give girls the empowerment to instill values, confidence, build healthy relationships and communication skills and so much more. Each class is unique but always fun! 


EAP/EAL (Equine Assisted Psychotherapy/Learning)

EAP/EAL is a team approach in which a licensed mental health professional, equine specialist and specially trained horses work together.


AAA are delivered in a variety of environments by a specially trained professional, paraprofessional, and/or volunteer in association with animals that meet specific criteria.

Farm Mindfulness

We provide opportunities for motivational, educational, therapeutic and/or recreational benefits to enhance quality of life.

Horseback riding lessons

With an emphasis on Natural Horsemanship we provide a safe and fun learning environment for our students.


Get Involved

There are many ways to assist our growing organization. We have corporate sponsorship packages, animal sponsorships, amazon wishlist, amazon smile, and many more. We are always in need of help to care for our sanctuary animals and the youth we provide services for, please consider making a donation to help us fulfill our mission.


Sign Up For a class

Our programs fund our scholarships for our in need community. By participating in our classes you are helping us provide opportunities to a child in need that may not be able to afford the participation.

Volunteer opportunities

All of our volunteers are vital to our success. We value and cherish the volunteers that help us with our mission. Please consider helping us care for our animals and youth .

Make a Donation

Donations are a life line. We rely heavily on donations to continue to fulfill our mission. Please check with your company to see if they offer a matching program for your donation.