Keeping girls on the trails to success

Our Mission

WWP has identified that there is a strong need surrounding young women, a demographic frequently overlooked when dealing with youth. Girls are surmounted to so many pressures today. We decided to change the way girls experience life by making it engaging and fun. We want girls to leave the ranch more confident and build friendships in a fun and inclusive setting that includes interactive games, being physically active, and expressing creativity through art and crafts and storytelling.

We teach life skills through fun, engaging lessons that celebrate the joy of nature. We give girls a place to feel good about themselves inside and out and enjoy their time learning while outside. We teach the girls responsibility by assigning them their very own horse they ride and take care of throughout their time with us. They learn about animal science by taking care of our sanctuary animals. They learn about botany through our community garden. We teach about healthy relationships through our animals and their fellow peers. They learn about kindness and selflessness by giving back to the community.

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"We are a team. He feels what I feel and I feel what he feels and I have to respect his space."

— Student from camp