“I chose goats for WWP’s Play and Animal Assisted Therapy specifically for their personalities. They were my favorite because despite how stressful my day was they always made me laugh by just being them. Their silly antics and endless love for people makes everyone smile and relax.”

-Nicky (Founder)



Hobbies include: climbing on crates, climbing on yogis, nibbling, and being a goat.
Nibbler quickly distinguishes himself as the star of the show during our goat yoga fundraisers. Whether he’s hamming it up in front of the camera, or giving loving nibbles of curiosity, he has such a goofy personality that it’s hard not to love him.



Hobbies include: snuggling on yoga mats, eating yoga mats, and being held in loving arms like a little baby.
Rio is not a climber of yogis, but he absolutely loves to be cradled and held for photos, as you can probably tell (I mean look at that face) just like his brother, Hops.





Hobbies include: hangzies with his brother Nibbler, making odd noises, climbing on yogis, and standing on two legs pretending to be a person.
Jack is the other little climber in the group. The dynamic duo, Jack and his bro/bff (Nibbler) are our go-to goats for fun photos from our wine and goat yoga fundraisers. Chances are, if you’ve met this little man, he’s given you a nice back massage after yoga playtime for a job well-done



Hobbies include: long walks to the barn, hopping (who would have known?), and eating yoga mats.
Hops is known to hone in on one yogi and their mat during our fundraisers, and snuggle up real close; providing comfort and a great excuse to skip out on yoga practice. He is definitely a little lover and if you’re lucky, he might choose you.