Who We Are

A word from our founder:

“I started Wild Women Prevail because I believe being wild means being true to yourself. It means our pasts should never define us. WWP offers girls from all parts of life a chance to find themselves and be who they want to be without being tied to society’s labels or their past experiences.”


Nicky - Founder

Nicky’s unique set of skills and professional experience are the keys to her success. Her experience as an active enrichment based educator, working with various ages of children (4-18), allows her to see the true potential in each child. Blend that with her life-long commitment and experience in positive animal training and you have a very capable, uniquely talented individual.

When Nicky is not working with her Wild Women Prevail students she teaches positive youth development classes for children throughout Ventura County. Nicky is also a successful Information Technology Project Manager and provides classes teaching basic computer skills, is a nature enthusiast and loving active community member within Ventura County.

Above all else Nicky believes in empowering our youth, it is her calling, her gift. Through her own experiences, Nicky has developed an unparalleled, actionable and effective program that aims to achieve empowering our girls through animals and nature.



Mindfulness Coach

I am a mom, a daughter, a wife, a sister, a granddaughter, a teacher, an artist, a therapist, a friend, a Yogi.

Wearing all these hats can often get overwhelming and sometimes I just want to take them off and run away. However, I do not. I close my eyes, invite in a beautiful and cleansing breath and expound gratitude for all the love I have been given. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not always that easy to breathe; but the power of truly practicing, and living the Yogi teachings, has changed the way that I work with my emotions.


Sara- Yoga instructor/Marketing Specialist

A huge part of WWP outside of the fundraisers is the animal assisted therapy. Goats (or other animals) create this amazing, whimsical aspect to what is normally a practice taken too seriously. It’s that therapy mixed with yoga, which gives students an excuse to try something new as well as pause and enjoy the moments they’re in, which is exactly what yoga is all about. People who have never been on a yoga mat are usually freaked out or have this fear of not being good enough, but the goats provide this total sense of comfort and really take that pressure off.

Alysha - Educator

I love making goat puns. After attending my first goat yoga, I knew I wanted Wild Women Prevail, and the goats, in my life. I have a special connection with each goat, and they’ve helped me clear away stress in my life, so I know how much they have an impact on whoever they come into contact with.


Rachel-Garden Instructor

Wild Women Prevail celebrates all women and the amazing things they are, and can be, capable of. So much of what women do and how they conduct themselves is policed like there's some right way to be a woman, some set of guidelines you're supposed to conform to. This puts unnecessary and detrimental limits on the valuable diversity women, and all people, are capable of. For me an empowered woman is an autonomous woman, free to choose her path and take advantage of the opportunities she sees fit, regardless of what anyone else is telling her the right way to be is. The right way is her way.


Natalia- Therapist

When I first heard about Wild Women Prevail I was excited and drawn to them because they help at risk young women in our communities. I have always been determined to help the community through the difficult times, and be able to offer therapy to all who want/need it. Throughout my work I have also realized that I enjoyed working with adolescents because they are smart, sarcastic, and have a lot to give. After working with Wild Women Prevail, I am even more excited for what’s to come and for the future of our youth.